Second World Youth Congress


  • The Second World Youth Conference The Second World Youth Congress was held at Vassar where 500 delegates from 52 countries and 18 international organizations… met at Vassar college to study and discuss the political, economic and religious basis for peace, the economic and cultural status of youth, and to devise methods of collaboration which, it is hoped, will help them to continue to work for world peace.” “A girl who lives in Spain…spoke of the bombing of civilians in Barcelona.”
  • In 1939, the rather belatedly formed Spanish Relief Committee at Hull University College organized house-to-house collections. Student fundraising efforts received a boost when, meeting at the second World Youth Congress at Vassar College in August 1938, students from six nations made a pact to outdo each other in the collection of food and funds British students responded by raising £2,400 in the autumn term of Individual colleges were matched “in friendly rivalry” with colleges in United States, Mexico, Holland, Belgium and France as well as asked to challenge their local rivals.
  • “One single college- Vassar, attended by less than 1000 girls, has already collected 150 dollars for the refugees. April 20th, the day of the traditional April Peace Strike (in which more than 1.000.000 students participated last year) was devoted to the collection of funds for refugees. 1875 francs already have been given to the World Student Association for special student in eds. The International Student Competition for Aid to Spain was launched at the Second World Youth Congress, held at Vassar last August. In the course of the competition about 1.500.000 francs have been collected to alleviate the sufferings of the Spanish people.”
  • The following day James G. McDonald, former high commissioner of the League of Nations, spoke about the worldwide refugee situation, noting that among the Americas only the United States had committed to accepting upwards of 27,000 refugees yearly.  “Go back to your countries,” he said, “and say to your governments that there is being offered to them an opportunity to enrich themselves with the…intelligence of some of the finest people in the world.”

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